The Greeneprints Inc. Statement of Social Responsibility

Before becoming a not for profit organization in 2017, Camp Fort Greene won a 2015 Best for NYC award in the Category of Best for the Community, and in 2016 became a Certified B Corporation. This youth programming organization grew from the need of one parent to identify a low-cost, high quality summer day camp for her young son. Since joining forces in 2013, partners Chloe Taylor, Andriana Spence, and Eisa Ulen Richardson have grown a thriving community organization by filling this social need for hundreds of Brooklyn families. The affordability mandate is a core value and has influenced other areas of social influence. As partners, we have made strategic decisions after meaningful reflection about the influence our choices have on the communities we serve.  We strive to multiply the areas of influence where we can engage several key areas of social responsibility:

  • Diversity

At Greeneprints we celebrate diversity and are intentional in our embrace of difference. In all of our programs, including Camp Fort Greene and Tech Fort Greene, we welcome children and adult staff regardless of racial, ethnic, religious, gender, gender identity, gender expression, religious, sexual, and/or home language identities. We also welcome families regardless of citizenship status. We are particularly sensitive to the intersection of identities and strive to cultivate a culture of equity and inclusion consistent with these values.  Currently, we are not licensed as a camp for differently abled children. If you wish to contact us regarding this, please email

  • Human Resources

Three diverse women founded and manage Greeneprints Inc. We actively seek to hire a diverse and talented team of people to staff our programs. We train this diverse team not only to improve the quality of the services we provide families, but also to enable among our employees professional growth and development in the areas of education, science, the arts, staff management, and operations management.

  • Doing Business with Women, People of Color, and other Small Businesses

Our campers and counselors work in community gardens and in our local park, Fort Greene Park, to improve our neighborhood. At the end of each season, Camp Fort Greene donates money to local institutions and individuals in need. In addition, this year we will offer over 16K in full scholarship opportunities to Camp Fort Greene campers, and an additional estimated 5K in sliding scale tuition deductions for those families in need of financial assistance.

  • Environmental Stewardship

We innovate programs within our programs that encourage environmental stewardship in the young people we serve. We also actively work to reduce our own carbon footprint by recycling, purchasing green products, and doing business with suppliers who are within walking distance of our camp.

  • Giving Back

We are conscious of the influence our dollars have on small businesses. We actively seek to spend our dollars with suppliers, professionals, and vendors who are women, people of color, and local merchants in our community.